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Eggs 204: Creating and implementing an extraordinary company culture

[TIME TO WATCH VIDEO: 1:04:00] So excited to have been with Michael "DJ Ontic" Smith and Ryan Roghaar on the Eggs Podcast. Eggs centers around creativity in all forms. From building businesses, personal projects and constructing brands to crafting music empires, finding social fame, fortune and more—we discuss whatever, whenever, with whomever in search of patterns...

Tacoincidence Trailer — Secrets of Breakthrough Brand Experience on the Search for the Perfect Taco

[TIME TO WATCH VIDEO: 1:00] Welcome to Tacoincidence with Scott Porter — where we learn in this unconventional master class the secrets of breakthrough culture, brand experience and human connection from the most brilliant leaders while we’re on the search for the perfect taco. I'm your host, Scott Porter, entrepreneur, brand experience strategist and the taco...