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Scott Porter

Consistent Commitment

Elements of Breakthrough Culture & Brand Experience

In my lifelong search for the perfect taco, I’ve learned the taco experience is about much more than the greatest food on planet earth — it’s about real human connection. Human connection that sparks joy, develops trust, creates raving fans, produces powerful business results and builds a lasting positive legacy.

So how do you tap into that and build successful organizations with human experience at the core of your brand’s DNA? Many business leaders create awesome mission and values statements that they nicely frame and hang on the office walls. And then they start to wonder, like I did, how do we bring this mission to LIFE? And how does our brand experience drive fierce customer loyalty and help us prosper?

It continually blows my mind how deeply engrained human connection is into the Mexican and taco culture. After experiencing thousands of tacos, I’ve learned there are four essential elements to unlock the power of breakthrough organizational culture and relationship-based brand experience that empower business from large to micro thrive. Here’s one of them:

C — CONSISTENT COMMITMENT: Everyone at every level — from the janitor to the CEO — needs to be consistently committed to delivering on your mission. Create systems, rituals and habits that make purpose-driven efforts a part of your team’s DNA — it’s just “what you do.”

* Get a complimentary Breakthrough Brand Experience 3-min Assessment Worksheet when you join the taco search on our homepage.


Assess your culture and brand experience from the customer’s perspective:

  • How committed are they at delivery an extraordinary experience on a scale from 1-5 (5=100% committed)
  • What did they do (or not do) that demonstrates that commitment?
  • Did they use any special words or actions to show their commitment to creating an extraordinary experience?


As part of my participation on the advisory board for the Experience Design & Management major at Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Business, I was asked to do a taco takeover of their Instagram account in March 2020. I had a blast sharing the culture and brand experience master class that is Mexico and the taco experiences that I had from a two-week visit to Mexico City (CDMX), Quéretaro and San Miguel de Allende.

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