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Eggs 204: Creating and implementing an extraordinary company culture


So excited to have been with Michael "DJ Ontic" Smith and Ryan Roghaar on the Eggs Podcast. Eggs centers around creativity in all forms. From building businesses, personal projects and constructing brands to crafting music empires, finding social fame, fortune and more—we discuss whatever, whenever, with whomever in search of patterns, expertise, shared experience and knowledge. Their whole goal is to drill down the steps taken and the hurdles crossed in pursuit chasing down dreams and taking "eggs" from coup to table.

In this podcast we talk about creating your best brand and customer experiences, engaging with your team through speaking and training, how to take your onboarding process to the next level,

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Search for the Perfect Taco:

This is Tacoincidence — where we learn in this unconventional master class the secrets of breakthrough culture, brand experience and human connection from the most brilliant leaders while we’re on the search for the perfect taco. I'm your host, Scott Porter, entrepreneur, brand experience strategist and the taco-obsessed founder of Search for the Perfect Taco.

In my lifelong search, I’ve learned the taco experience is even more than crazy good tacos — it’s about real human connection. And Tacoincidence is about discovering how visionary leaders build successful organizations with human experience at the core of their brand’s DNA. Whether it’s with granola bars, electric bikes, software or socks. I wanted to learn why these leaders believe in the power of relationship-based brand experience, what they do to create it and how it’s helped them thrive. All…over tacos.

Join the journey on our website — you’re not going to want to miss out on our national taco tour we’re planning! Follow us on social media, subscribe to the podcast and YouTube channel, and tune in every Taco Tuesday for new episodes of Tacoincidence, where we’ll continue to explore the secrets to level-up your culture and brand experience AND your taco game.

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