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Give An Ovation Podcast // How To Thrive Post COVID-19 With Scott Porter

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Scott Porter is the Founder and CEO of San Diablos Artisan Churros, a gourmet food service that specializes in filling churros with happiness, and a company that has adapted well to the ever changing landscape of COVID-19. He also happens to be Ovation’s first customer, host of the Tacoincidence podcast,  and a good friend of Ovation CEO Zack Oates! On this episode of “Give an Ovation”, Scott talked about how COVID-19 has changed his business, and how other business should expect to change as society slowly returns to normal. Here are his 5 top tips:

1. Find Partners Wherever You Can

During these troubling times, it’s critical to have an abundance mindset and realize the value of partners. Scott related the recent success of his “Quarantine Survival Kit”, which is produced in conjunction with two other local business and consists of churros, tostadas, mixed drinks, and a game called “Reverse Charades” (also produced by Scott – what a guy!). It’s been a hit, and proves there is so much potential in brand alliances right now.

2. Explore New Product Options

Before COVID-19, San Diablos Churros was primarily a catering company. But they have shifted to be more accomodating during the pandemic and have implemented products such as take and bake churros, holiday themed kits, virtual catering, and even shipping products nationwide. Get creative!

3. Celebrations Will Go On

People still have traditions and want to celebrate special occasions right now, it just looks different. Scott has a Cinco de Mayo kit, other restaurants have date night kits, how can you take advantage?

4. Communicate – Interactions > Transactions

Regardless of what you do, your customers need to know about it. Connect in meaningful ways on social media, respond to reviews, take advantage of customer loyalty programs (Scott uses this nifty one called Ovation), and try to build relationships. People need human interaction right now, so show how your business is human!

5. COVID-19 Crisis Opportunity

With all the uncertainty  floating around, right now’s actually a great time to experiment and try new things! As Scott put it, “constraints and challenges are just this fertile ground for unbelievable innovation and creativity”. You know that idea you’ve had on the back burner for the last few months? Go for it! There’s no reason not to right now, and you never know what might happen!


Founder & CEO of Ovation is ready to come speak to your group of business owners! Zack Oates is an author, husband, father, entrepreneur, and hot tub aficionado (but not in that order, necessarily).

He was voted Top 100 Entrepreneurs, rang the NASDAQ bell, won the world’s biggest business competition, and started 3 companies.  After going on over 1,000 dates, he finally met his wife and wrote a book called “Dating Never Works…Until it Does,” which has 100 lessons from 1,000 dates. He received his MBA from BYU and did customer experience consulting for fortune 100 companies. He took his dating and customer experience consulting to start his current venture: Ovation. Ovation is The Actionable Guest Feedback Tool for restaurants and retailers where he serves as the Founder and CEO.

He speaks and does guest posts focusing on customer experience with sub-topics of customer communication, online reviews, innovation, text marketing, building relationships with customers/employees, and personal improvement .

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