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Scott Porter

House Of Corn Mexican Cuisine

Jun 26, 2021

De todo un poco. Chile relleno battleship taco and the trifecta of street tacos on corn tortillas they make from yellow, blue and red corn kernels at @houseofcornmc. Serious artisan props!

Dec 17, 2020

I have mad respect for any taco place that literally grinds their own corn to make the masa and then the tortillas. But what else would you expect from “House of Corn.” What you wouldn’t expect is that such delicious culinary attention to detail be located 3 minutes from your HOUSE! 🤯 Thanks to Carrie Johnson-Hernandez who was the taco informant in this case, I now know. And a good friend (GI Joe) used to say “Knowing is half the battle.” It was perfect timing. @WillRubio’s in town and we needed to discover this together for an epic taco catch-up. Armando, from Cuernavaca is the master chef here and he takes this ancient art of the corn tortilla very seriously. And we are ALL so grateful! After all, it’s the foundation of Mexican cuisine. He grinds red, blue and white dried corn into delicious tortillas in two sizes — the “street tacos” (bigger than your average street taco) and “Battleship” tacos (the “acorazado” tacos from his home town) with stewed meats. I attacked the Chile relleno and it totally reminded me of eating in the homes of the families that so graciously fed us when I was a missionary for the @churchofjesuschrist. And then the birria. And the al pastor. All great! But I cannot wait to go back for the campechano (longaniza, carne asada, al pastor). SO flavorful, salty and delicious. Welcome to the ‘hood, House of Corn. I have a feeling we’re going to be best friends.

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