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Scott Porter

La Oruga y La Cebada

Asked all the locals...and everyone pointed me to @OrugayCebada. Figured this was going to be a great post-dusk-run reward. This place is oozing with character. Made my way through the labyrinth of eating spots and staircases to get to the rooftop patios overlooking one of the many cathedrals. Artisanal everything on the menu. I would not have normally gone for the enchiladas potosinas but when in Rome (or San Luis Potosí) you gotta try the local dish everyone’s so proud of. These enchiladas look like tacos filled with melted cheese, soaked in a red sauce, covered in guac and lined up ready to be attacked. And they were really, really good. And then there was the juicy, charred, melt in your mouth tacos de cochinita pibil?! Whoa. There’s a reason every seat in the house, roof and bar were taken. Get to SLP and make a beeline for La Oruga y La Cebada. De inmediato!

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