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Scott Porter

Red Tacos

I dip. You dip. We dip. So obsessed with birria tacos. Who’s with me? And it’s about freaking time Utah got some legit birria de res (not goat but shredded beef) tacos. You know the ones you dream about with the melted queso (@red_tacos owner wouldn’t tell me their secret blend of queso) and golden crisped on the plancha. The crowning experience here is the dip in the rich, salty, beefy consomé broth. Squeeze some lime and salsa in this and drink up what’s left (like drinking the milk after your cereal...theeee best). Seriously?! I mean, I want to dive into this every. Single. Day. So incredibly fresh and delicious and in downtown Provo of all places. Red Tacos is pure 🔥🔥🔥. I cannot wait to go again and dress in all red (😂totally unplanned but @schwabscott and I were def on the same wavelength)! Channel these tacos Utah and get there now!

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