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Scott Porter


Feb 16, 2021

Ok…seriously, the foundation of every taco is the tortilla. It can easily be “meh” but when it’s good it’s GOOOOOD! And @SuertaATX knows how to do it! Housemade masa had us all feeling really lucky — especially for a catch up with an amazing friend and former roommate and his boys. Legit grateful for chefs and taqueria owners that truly care about this often overlooked taco essential. And had the surf and turf taco trio with campechano (salty and delicious), suadero (super tender and flavorful) and masa-fried swordfish was a fish taco gem! 🌽🌮🐄 🐖🐟🌮🌽

Feb 14, 2021

🌽 100% geeking out over these handmade corn tortilla “sheets” they brought out when we asked for chips and salsa. It was an _experience_. At @SuerteATX the housemade masa reigns supreme and it’s incredible. And this is me when our server, Gala, told us how they press it out directly onto the plancha to cook the chips … 😲😲😲! Thick crunch, flaked salt, killer salsas, rich corn flavor. Again, #slothfactor…different and special. They could just bring us chips and salsa like everyone else does but not here. They’re going to next level it and highlight what makes them special…housemade corn masa. Brilliant.  I’ll be talking about this for a LONG time. Thanks for the #tacotip @robertaird. And gracias @chiefnunez and team for Suerte! We’re really the lucky ones. 😊🌽 #brandexperience #bx #customerexperience #cx

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