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Scott Porter

Supertacos Chupacabras

Jun 18, 2020

👹🌮Pura felicidad from Super Tacos Chupacabras — bistec, cecina y chorizo.👹🌮 Missing CDMX big time and this new-to-me gem highly recommended by @nathanael.gassett from @werokitchen (and I take his recommendations SERIOUSLY). Anyone else having taco traveling withdrawals? 🙋🏽‍♂️ Also, been planning a couple of CDMX taco tours for this year. Who wants to join?!

Jan 28, 2020

Sliding into Taco Tuesday with some intense Super Taco Chupacabras memories from CDMX. Just doing some pre-game Chupacabras tacos (soooo good — cecina, chorizo, bistec) before the amigos arrived. Bless the taco whisperer @nathanael.gassett from @werokitchen for the rec. I was literally texting him after landing in Mexico City, he said I had to try it and of course I made a beeline for 🌮👹. + Love the innovation and the scrappy entrepreneur problem-solving with the @Gatorade salt shakers and juice bottle toothpick holders. Stoked to hit this up again and bring friends. Happy #TacoTuesday everyone! #tacotuesyay 👕: @allthingstaco ps. BIG CDMX taco tour news coming soon...

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