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Scott Porter

Taco Chelo

Julia Child said, “People who love to eat tacos are always the best people.” Wait…I threw “tacos” in there, but we all know that’s what she really meant. And she was right. The fiesta for the 1st Taco R&D stop (in prep for our #nationaltacotour) at @TacoChelo in PHX was a blast! Winners @marthita_hdz and @greeneyezsalazar13 brought friends and family (and the cutest kids, btw) to celebrate #TacoTuesday. We’re now all #tacobffs. That’s just what happens.
Amazing hospitality from the hosts at @TacoChelo. Congrats to class-act owners Suny and Stephanie for just barely celebrating their first taco-anniversary at Chelo! No doubt they will have many, many more. Ridiculously good tacos. Let’s start with the foundation…the handmade corn tortillas…fresh masa gets us all weak in the knees. Look how yellow that corn is?! SO so good and made with so much love “Ojalá que le guste!” #fundamentals And the 🌮? Wow. Carnitas were delicious…with a bit of crispy saltiness and topped with a creamy avocado. Chicken was good with that char from the mesquite grill mmmm. And their salsa de chile morita…bomb. Smokey liquid gold. And the costra with the crispy cheese and the grilled carne asada took me back to CDMX. So good.
But the hands down winner for me was their signature: barbacoa Monterrey (regiomontano) style. Ridiculously tender, flavorful, shredded and juicy...crazy good with the smoky red salsa. And then Suny says, “Awesome. Really so happy you like the cow tongue!” HUH?! That barbacoa was lengua like I’ve never had lengua cooked or flavored. I’m still in shock. You’ve GOT to go to @TacoChelo. The flavor and quality is top notch, the ambience is super cool and you can tell it’s a labor of love. Let’s do this again!

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