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Scott Porter

Tacos Del Valle

Jul 19, 2021

You know, the usge — the smoking carne asada cleansing ritual. 🤣 Look, when we showed up at Tacos de Valle with 30 volunteers from @childshopefoundation in Valle de Guadalupe and the gran taquero, Herlindo, was a one-man show, we offered to jump behind the scenes and echarle una mano. It was a taco calling … and we answered. Herlindo was a BEAST—our taco Yoda…just watch him in action — the speed, the flare, the multi-tasking, the LOVE. Seriously, quintessential taco experience. So. Much. Fun! I’m pretty sure we slowed him down. But he gave us some invaluable taco jedi master training! And the carne asada and quesatacos were pure 🔥🔥🔥! (Last video…check out the lime hack.)

Jun 14, 2021

Still dreaming about these pastor gringas TJ style from Tacos Del Valle in Valle de Guadalupe. Had these two nights in a row! We were there with @sandiablochurros raising funds for the local orphanage Rancho de los Niños and @childshopefoundation. #churrosforthechildren

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