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Don Joaquin American Fork

************ Apr 22, 2021 Crispy queso. Always. If it’s possible, I’m getting it. If they don’t advertise it, I always ask. Because #offmenu is a way of life. 😜 These al pastor Don Joaquin himself let us carve. @johnnytannerites went at it hard! So delicious and such great convo — he shares some@of the secrets to getting billions of views on their @yawivlogs and...


Orange cheese?!?! #nuffsaid. Then on top of it, salsas were watery and nearly void of flavor. Reheated, machine-made tortillas. Yikes. Utah, you deserve better. The world deserves better. (Huevos con chorizo were mixed together well though. 😁) Search for the Perfect Taco Overall Lime Rating 2.0 The Fundamentals 2.0 Always different, positive, special 2.0 Consistent...