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Scott Porter

Taquería La Negra

Sep 28, 2020

🖤🌽You ever had a black corn tortilla? 🌽🖤 At @taquerialanegra they mix in the CDMX specialty huitlacoche (corn fungus) into the masa to make these tortillas negras. And this particular taco was a shredded chicken in black escabeche salsa with chile xcatic. So unique and delicious. Washed down with a cold agua de tamarindo. ‘Member this @travisj_photo??

Nov 24, 2017

It just seemed right on #BlackFriday to pay homage to the only black corn tortilla taco I've ever had. 🌽🖤🌮😇 This black taco—El Bendito (bottom of the pic)—is made with @TaqueriaLaNegra's signature "black" corn (innovative mix of blue corn w/ the Mexico City specialty huitlacoche [corn truffle]). This is a forker for sure...ahogado/drenched in an amazing mix of mild tomato based salsa with salty pork broth. Filled with finely chopped tender carnitas and a chile de árbol salsa. Really a super unique flavor combo you've got to try next time you're in CDMX's Roma. Oh and that limey guac was 🔥🥑💥 with homemade totopos. @caifanesmex nailed it...Estoy tan enamorado de la negra bendita!

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