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Tlacoyos Lucero y Pati

Oct 15, 2019

When we hit the corner of Calle López and Vizcaínas in downtown CDMX for our b-school taco reunion, it was like the heavens parted, angel choirs started singing...and we got in line. Lines aren’t always the best indicator of amazingness but in this case...100% accurate. Everyone knew this was the best kept street secret. Paty was off that day but the smiling, hardworking Lucero was there with Andrea to provide us breakfast of the Gods. These tlacoyos made us weak in the knees. Soft, thick blue corn masa with beans smashed in the middle before they hit the mesquite-fired griddle and topped with perfectly seasoned shredded chicken, no pales, cheese, onions and cilantro. Unreal good! Every morning should start like this! #tlacoyotuesday #streetfood #cdmx

Feb 13, 2017

Lucero's mom started making tlacoyos (con mucho amor) here on the street corner of Lopez and Viscaína in the #centrohistorico in 1983. Blue corn masa hand pressed, grilled on charcoal stove, super soft, full of flavor, very clean and ridiculously fresh. Grab one of the five flimsy plastic stool and belly up to this classic street stand. Lucero and her niece Pati travel 1.5 hours from outside #MexicoCity every day to serve up the most delicious tlacoyos we've had in the city. It's a labor of culinary love that you'll be dreaming of for you entire life. We chose to come back for our last meal before racing to the airport after @ClubTengoHambre tipped us off (forever grateful). Topped with nopales, finely chopped cilantro and onions, green salsa, grated cheese. Unreal! #ChurroRandD with @SanDiabloChurros is the gift that keeps on giving. #churrosforlife #tacolife #CDMX #loveDF #MexicoDF #mextagram #tacoschilangos #chilango #tacotour #tastemade #eattheworld #foodauthority #feedfeed #streetfood #tacoliteracy #eater #livetravelchannel #seriouseats #buzzfeast

Jan 30, 2017

De. Chuparse. Los. Dedos. We’re still stuffed. What a kickoff to our week of #churroRandD with @SanDiabloChurros! This @ClubTengoHambre tour was 4 hours of truly EPIC #streetfood. Drop what you’re doing, put on your #estretchypants and bring your eat-to-the-threshold-of-pain Thanksgiving appetite. This tour with @MarianaGomezRubio was like having your best friend take you to the greatest local #tacohaunts that are off-the-beaten-path, hidden gems, holes-in-the-wall (and some puestos without names even) that are impossible to forget. SO GOOD! Will be posting #tacosfordays from this culinary adventure through the streets of #CDMX. Some definite first-time experiences for me: 🦂👅😎 We❤️Mexico City!

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