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Un-Uninformed Podcast // Savoring Churros and Connection – with San Diablo Churros Founder Scott Porter

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When San Diablo Churros had to halt all their churro catering services due to the pandemic, Scott Porter saw this as an opportunity. He combined forces with two other local food startups to create the Quarantine Survival Kit. This kit, available for delivery, features San Diablo’s famous churros, tostadas from Sobe Eats, and gourmet sodas from Thirst Drinks.

In this podcast interview, host Sean Sevy munches (quite audibly!) on churros and tostadas while Scott Porter talks about how his company strives to celebrate human connection amid pandemic. So it’s not just food he’s delivering in the Quarantine Survival Kits, it’s an experience. Oh, and the kit comes with a board game!

If you’re local to the greater Salt Lake area, you can get a Quarantine Survival Kit delivered to you by clicking here. But for the rest of you, San Diablo Churros now offers a take-and-bake churro kit on their website that can shipped anywhere in the US.

Scott Porter is just one example of someone creatively “COVID-19-ing.” How are you COVID-19-ing? In other words, how are you creatively navigating a new norm? If you have a cool story about how you are COVID-19-ing, Un-Uninformed Podcast wants to hear about it. Call and leave a voice mail at 513-INFORM-U.


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